“This year, I am going to be healthier”

Did you make being healthier a 2017 resolution? Being healthy and eating the right food should not feel like a chore. There are so many options in our menu that are very delicious but also very good for you. Get your daily dose of greens from one of our 12 salads and get a boost of protein from the many seafood menu options or add a serving of free range, antibiotic-free chicken breast to your salad.

Here are some of our favorite salads:
Arugula Fruit Salad— fresh arugula, blue berries, green apple, almonds, candied walnuts, lemon pepper dressing
Free-Range Chicken Salad— grilled all-natural chicken, romaine hearts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, crispy parmesan chips, Japanese Caesar dressing
Sashimi Salad— tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cucumber, daikon, spring mix, ponzu sauce, sesame oil

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